Can you use Photon Networking and Json.Net for Unity in the same project

Photon Networking uses Newtonsoft’s Json.Net in their editor scripts. This conflicts with the Json.Net For Unity tool from parentElement.

Removing the Newtonsoft.Json.dll from the Photon Unity Networking\Editor\PhotonNetwork folder fixes the build errors, but now I am getting:

A script behaviour has a different serialization layout when loading (Read 24 bytes but expected 64 bytes)
PhotonNetwork threw an exception. Type: System.TypeInitializationException

Has anyone ever got these two tools to work together?


Hello, I’m actually the creator of the JSON .NET for Unity package. My email address is in the readme.txt file if you want to shoot me an email and we can troubleshoot and then post the solution here. Primarily I’d like to see the stack trace of the error message as it may be Photon that’s throwing the exception manually, though I’m not sure without seeing it. It may also be related to the information in this thread: