Can you use yield and Try/catch in the same function?

I'm interested to know whether I should be able to use a try/catch sequence in the same function that I use yield?

[edit] I am coding in Javascript.

Every time I inadvertantly code one I get the following error on the line containing:


the error:

Assets/My Assets/My Scripts/TextureController.js(93,25): BCE0055: Internal compiler error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

so some object reference error to do with the catch statement????

If I take all the yield statements out of the function it compiles fine.

every other case where I use try/catch (without yield) it works fine.

Also - the yield statements are outside the body of the try/catch.

Any clues?

It seems to be a UnityScript/JavaScript compiler bug - I can code the exact same thing in c# without any issues

I would bug report it immediately, it's a pretty bad one