Cannon shoots in wrong direction with unrealisic Physic

I want to implement a realistic cannon shoot but the cannon balls are fired in wrong direction and seems like soap bubble despite metal material and my weight settings

Here a sample video of the result

My intention is to shoot in the direction of the boat in position (-7,10.4,100).

The cannon is in the position (0, 10.39,-40)

Here the code to fire:

var Bullet_Active: Transform;
var bullet_energy=999;

function Start () {


function Update () {
	if(Input.GetKey("space")){CannonFire(); }

function CannonFire () {
	var bullet_istance :Transform;
	bullet_istance=Instantiate(Bullet_Active, transform.position, transform.rotation);

You are shooting all the balls together at the same exact time and they are colliding with each other.
Instead make a layer specific for the balls that is able to interact with everything but the balls, so that they won’t interfere with each other. Then also make a script that has the balls in an array and implement a delay so that they won’t shoot like pellets from a shootgun, but instead one ofter the other. They are shooting together because you have the check in the update loop, with no cooldown.

Put a boolean in the firing function that goes false the moment it’s called and then back to true after some time and check that with an if statement to see if you should shoot, so that the balls will go “boom … wait … boom” instead of “splat”.

Oh and try not to instantiate stuff, it takes cpu time. Instead have a bunch of them already in the scene the time it loads, but just disabled, and place them in an array. That way the system will just pick a free one, enable it, shoot it, and once it hits and does the damage you can disable it and make it available again.