Cannot access into Environments or View Campaigns section

Greetings, I'm new user to Unity Remote Config, so kindly pardon me if I ask something that might seem too obvious.

I was trying to access Environments or View Campaigns section, but whenever I click on the buttons on left side of the attached screenshot, they just redirect me back to 'Get Started' page, shown below:


I also tried to create Environment from Remote Config panel in Unity editor, and it gave me result below:


I couldn't view full debug message ('this route is...'), because I'm unable to resize the panel.

Also tried the Pull button in the panel, but it returns nothing so far, which is kind of expected.

I do understand Remote Config is undergoing huge changes, though I'm curious if I can still create Environment at this time being (since I read other posts and it seems like others can create/edit it), thank you!

Everything works perfect today, thanks!

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