Cannot apply certain elements in prefabs(GUI)?


I have a character prefab and am trying to update it in the prefabs folder I have in my project window by pressing apply and/or dragging the character to replace the character prefab in the project view. Everything “applies” when I do that except for the GUI elements that were assigned.

For example, I have “hearts” gui as sprites for life in the top right of my screen and in the inspector I have slots for the hearts to be assigned. But when I do assign it then apply it and redrag out the prefab into the scene all the GUI elements are reset to null in the slots on the prefab. Is there a reason it’s doing this? Can I not do this?

Is it because I can’t reference GUI elements in a prefab(even though the GUI is the same in each scene)? This is just a guess but I was wondering if it’s right. If it is right can I just initiate it in the start function or will it be the same? I am using Daikon Forge GUI but I don’t think that is the problem.


Assigning it in start will solve the problem for sure. But you can assign GUI elements to a prefab. There should not be any problem in that.