Cannot assign to 'Respawn' because it is a 'method group'?

Hello again, I have yet another problem with the health script I have been trying to write, First off here is my code:

 using UnityEngine;
    using System.Collections;
     public class Health : MonoBehaviour 
        public float maxHealth = 100.0f ;
        public float curHealth = 100.0f ;
        public GameObject Player;
        void Start(){
        void Update(){
           if(curHealth < 0){
              curHealth = 0;
           if(curHealth > maxHealth){
              curHealth = maxHealth ;
    		if(Respawn = true){
        void OnGUI(){
             GUI.Label(new Rect(100,100,100,100), curHealth + "/" + maxHealth);
         void Respawn(bool boo){
    				Instantiate(Player, new Vector3 (23.21657f, 3.257863f, -0.6684538f), Quaternion.identity);
        void ApplyDamage(float damage){
           curHealth -= damage ;
              void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other) {
    		  if(curHealth <= 0.0f){
    				//Instantiate(Player, new Vector3 (23.21657f, 3.257863f, -0.6684538f), Quaternion.identity);

Ok so, I am currently able to respawn with this code but my health stays at 0, I tried using curHealth = 100; in the Respawn but it doesn’t work, I also tried using ApplyDamage(-100.0f) in it but neither worked, so I went on to add an if statement (currently in the code) to set the health if Respawn = true but i get the error above.

Can someone explain what the error means and possibly help me with a solution to setting my health after respawn?

Your “Respawn” is a method and its return type is void. You can’t test it in if block which requires a bool value.

OK. Line 26 should be:

if(Respawn == true)