Cannot change Skybox Material

We are using the latest Beta, but we ran into a pretty bad issue:
We can't change the default skybox. I already deleted the Volume Settings,but I just can't change the skybox material as its always reverting itself back to Skybox/Cubemap.

Any ideas what this could be?

Could you please submit a bug report with a minimal reproduction project and reply in here with the case #? You can find best practices for doing that here: A guide to beta testing

Well, it's a bit weird and straight forward for us here: Open new a project, open the scene, delete the Volume Settings Gameobject, go into Lighting Settings and try to change the Skybox material.

I'd like to help more, but thats literally all that happens here. We tought at first that it is because of the Volume Settings and the new procedural sky, but even with that disabled we still cannot change the cubemap in the Lighting Settings.

edit: I'll setup the report in a second.

Case # is 1029463

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If you are using HDRP then this is correct because HDRP controls the lighting window and skybox generation. Temporary Instruction Manual on github:

Don't think it is a bug. See the wiki for details. Also this is not a beta issue but a Graphics Experimental Preview issue so I have moved the thread there.


Indeed. Setup volume by removing Procedural Sky component and adding HDRI Sky component. Choose a cubemap for HDRI Sky, mess with exposure etc if required, set the right kind of sky in the Baking Sky script if required.

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Thank you for these tipps. In Addition don’t forget to change the Sky Type to HDRISky in the “Visual Environment” Setting or you won’t get to see the change.

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