Cannot change the Size of the Hole in mesh

Hello Everyone, I am making the Game about Hole,

The Game Contains Hole in the Mesh and the Object fall from it. Like game.
I have achieved that moving the Hole in the Mesh by the Vertices and the Hole is Relocating or Moving according to My Desire.
I am Moving the Hole By getting the vertices of the Hole in Mesh and then Move or relocate it in the Script given Below.
There are 2 Issue’s About which I need help.

1- I cannot make the Hole Bigger or Smaller by the vertices of the Hole in mesh.
2- I cannot add more vertices in the Hole of the mesh.

Is there Anyone Who can help the Image and the Code for the mesh is Given Below

Image: enter image description here

public MeshFilter meshFilter;

public MeshCollider meshCollider;

public Vector2 moveLimits;

//Hole vertices radius from the hole's center
public float radius;

public Transform holeCenter;
public Transform rotatingCircle;

public float moveSpeed;

Mesh mesh;
List<int> holeVertices;
//hole vertices offsets from hole center
List<Vector3> offsets;
int holeVerticesCount;

float x, y;
Vector3 touch,

void Start()

	//Initializing lists
	holeVertices = new List<int>();
	offsets = new List<Vector3>();

	//get the meshFilter's mesh
	mesh = meshFilter.mesh;

	//Find Hole vertices on the mesh

void RotateCircleAnim()
	rotatingCircle.DORotate(new Vector3(90f, 0f, -90f), .2f).SetEase(Ease.Linear).From(new Vector3(90f, 0f, 0f)).SetLoops(-1, LoopType.Incremental);

void Update()
	//Update hole vertices


void MoveHole()
	x = Input.GetAxis("Mouse X");
	y = Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y");

	//lerp (smooth) movement
	touch = Vector3.Lerp(holeCenter.position, holeCenter.position + new Vector3(x, 0f, y), moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime);

	targetPos = new Vector3(Mathf.Clamp(touch.x, -moveLimits.x, moveLimits.x), touch.y, Mathf.Clamp(touch.z, -moveLimits.y, moveLimits.y));

	holeCenter.position = targetPos;

void UpdateHoleVerticesPosition()
	//Move hole vertices
	Vector3[] vertices = mesh.vertices;

	for (int i = 0; i < holeVerticesCount; i++)
		vertices[holeVertices[i]] = holeCenter.position + offsets[i];

	//update mesh vertices
	mesh.vertices = vertices;
	//update meshFilter's mesh
	meshFilter.mesh = mesh;
	//update collider
	meshCollider.sharedMesh = mesh;

void FindHoleVertices()
	for (int i = 0; i < mesh.vertices.Length; i++)
		//Calculate distance between holeCenter & each Vertex

		float distance = Vector3.Distance(holeCenter.position, mesh.vertices[i]);
		if (distance < radius)
			//this vertex belongs to the Hole
			//offset: how far the Vertex from the HoleCenter
			offsets.Add(mesh.vertices[i] - holeCenter.position);

	//save hole vertices count
	holeVerticesCount = holeVertices.Count;	

//Visualize Hole vertices Radius in the Scene view
void OnDrawGizmos()
	Gizmos.color = Color.yellow;
	Gizmos.DrawWireSphere(holeCenter.position, radius);