Cannot "connect" MonoDevelop to Unity 2019.1.5

I have recently installed the latest Unity 2019.1.5 version. I did not install Visual Studio and chose MoneDevelop.

When in Unity, I set-up everything (I think): Edit → Preferences → External tools → MonoDevelop. So, when I edit a C# script in Unity - the MonoDevelop opens as it should.

However, there seems to be no:

  1. debugger, - that red wavy line highlighting an error (like “gamObject” or “;;”)
  2. auto-complete suggestions, - that small pop window with all possible code listed
    It seems like the MonoDevelop somehow does not know the C# solution is for Unity.

P.S. After this I installed Visual Studio and still got the same problem: c# - Unity Scripts edited in Visual studio don't provide autocomplete - Stack Overflow
Did not help.

Could somebody please help me with this? :slight_smile:

Update: I uninstalled Unity Hub, Unity and Visual Studio. I then reinstalled Unity Hub, Unity and Visual Studio and decided to give Visual Studio a try: it worked.