Cannot connect to iTunes store using Unity3D and Prime31 library, what am I doing wrong?

I’ve read and followed the suggestions of every StackOverflow post here save for checking if my iPhone is trying to access the sandbox or the actual iTunes store since I couldn’t follow the instructions to enter the command line:

tcpdump -n -i en1

Getting an error saying I don’t have permission to do that and that the device doesn’t exist.

Anyway what I’ve done is created an in-app purchase but haven’t submitted it, it’s marked ‘ready for sale’ in iTunes Connect, the apps bundle id is ‘MeteorMania’, the product id is ‘DisableAds’, it’s a non-consumable product. In the player settings I’ve set the ‘Bundle Identifier’ to be net.jabberworx.MeteorMania.

In script I attempt to buy it with: StoreKitBinding.purchaseProduct( “DisableAds”, 1 );

However it’s not working, I get the following errors:

2011-11-23 22:41:16.115
MeteorMania[199:707] StoreKit: in the
process of purchasing 2011-11-23
22:41:17.497 MeteorMania[199:707]
StoreKit: error: Cannot connect to
iTunes Store purchase failed with
error: Cannot connect to iTunes Store

I’m really not sure what I’m doing wrong and could use some pointers to check on things?

We are having the same issue

Did you have any luck in getting it resolved?

I’ve got the same setting and the same problem, like to know what I have to do!
I checked test accounts, bundle versions and request data. All seems good, but can’t test purchase my product.