cannot connect web player to server, what did I done wrong?

My team try to make a web based version by using Unnity 3.4x but we failed to connect to our game server as in the picture. What is the solution to connect from a web player to server? we doone pretty fine for client based but not the web player.

in the developement phase (Unity3D editor), we do fine for connecting out of sandbox to policy server (using Socket port:843, then connect to game server later) but in deployment stage, the connection to policy server cannot be reached.

Please help!!

When you build a unity webplayer project, it will (for security reasons, found here) look for an xml file called “crossdomain.xml”. Just make sure there is an xml file present at the location of the webplayer build (on your server) and it allows the right ports and domains.

I met the same problem, I use the photon server. Most important thing is I have no idea at all now. So I need help also.
This is my post:!!!

TO asked :
Have you work around, if you do, tell me how, pls!

I met the same problem and also I have no idea.
This is my post:!!!

TO Ask:
Have you worked around it, if you have, tell me how pls. Thank you a lot!!!