Cannot convert 'callable(int) as float' to 'float'.

What is the correct way to do this type of conversion?

What im doing is getting information from an XML file, converting that text into a float with parseFloat. Trying to pass this number directly into a yield waitForSeconds(); call gives me the following error:

Cannot convert 'callable(int) as float' to 'float'.

What am i doing wrong here? Simple mistake? Thanks for your time!

EDIT- here you go, scripts to follow.

xml get data script :

var waitTimeNext: float;

function start()
        var tempWaitTimeNext: String = stepNode.GetValue("wait>2>_text");
        tempStepObj.waitTimeNext = parseFloat(tempWaitTimeNext);

script with yield :

        var c : float = (lessonDataScript.getStepWaitTimeNext);
        yield WaitForSeconds (c);

What is "getStepWaitTimeNext?" Is that a function that returns the value in "tempStepObj.waitTimeNext?" If so, you need to put parentheses after it to call it. Otherwise, you're trying to put a callable (or function definition) into that float value, c.