Cannot convert type `UnityEngine.GameObject' to `UnityEngine.Plane'

I must use to class Plane of Raycast method but, I see the error
Cannot convert type UnityEngine.GameObject' to UnityEngine.Plane’

Plane oyuncuZemin = (Plane)GameObject.Find("Plane");

I can compile the code;

Plane oyuncuZemin = new Plane(Vector3.up,transform.position);

but, previously created on the box collider with plane, running thw wrong code…

Thank you for interest.
Good works…

GameObject.Find returns a GameObject. The Plane used in Raycast is a struct. There is a plane primitive you can create in Unity but that is different and is simply a flat mesh - not an actual mathematical plane which is what you need.

The answer to this question explains more.

Hey, sorry but I don’t know how to use that answer. Can you explain how I create a UnityEngine.Plane Plane from the UnityEngine.Gameobject Plane?