cannot convert 'UnityEngine.Object' to `UnityEngine.GUISkin

i have an error:
“Cannot implicitly convert type UnityEngine.Object' to UnityEngine.GUISkin’. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?)”

**public GUISkin _theSkin;

	public bool switchBetweenAnimations = false;
	// public Animator theAnimator;

	// AddComponentMenu("Inventory/Other/Weapon Switch");

	void Awake () 
		if(_theSkin == null)
			_theSkin = UnityEngine.Resources.Load("OtherSkin", typeof(GUISkin));

Unity say that the error in the last string.
How to solve it?

You need to cast the type, Resources.Load returns a unity Object.

_theSkin = (GUISkin)UnityEngine.Resources.Load("OtherSkin", typeof(GUISkin));

// or

_theSkin = UnityEngine.Resources.Load("OtherSkin", typeof(GUISkin)) as GUISkin;

if you want to not have it get angry at you and for null checking.