Cannot convert void to String

In the below script I get the message " Cannot convert void to String " on line 5, I’m trying to link to a script called mouseSoundCntrl that holds the SwingSound I’m after, I’ve got lots more sounds on there and I can call them just by using something like this - mouseSoundCntrl.MouseWalkSound(); the problem is putting it in the animation event it comes back with that error, any help please would be great fully appreciated, Thanks.

else if(_characterState == CharacterState.Swing) {
// Create and set up the AnimationEvent
	var swooshSoundEvent = new AnimationEvent();
		swooshSoundEvent.functionName = mouseSoundCntrl.SwingSound();
			swooshSoundEvent.time = 0.5;
		_animation[].layer = 1; // Place the Swing animation on a higher level
		_animation[].clip.AddEvent(swooshSoundEvent); // Add the event to an AnimationClip
		_animation[].blendMode = AnimationBlendMode.Additive; // set the blend mode to Additive so it will blend
																				// into whatever animation is playing when it's called
    	_animation[].wrapMode = WrapMode.Once;
		_animation.CrossFade(; // Play the Swing animation

You have a line which reads:

swooshSoundEvent.functionName = mouseSoundCntrl.SwingSound();

The functionName property of an AnimationEvent object is of type “String”. This property is set to be the String name of a function that you want to be called. I suspect what you really want is:

swooshSoundEvent.functionName = "SwingSound";

What this will do is perform a SendMessage(“SwingSound”) when the animation event is fired. See: