Cannot Drag and Drop Audio MIxer in Script


I dont quite understand what Im doing wrong here but I cannot reference an AudioMixer.

I looked at this turorial on Unity and it exact same thing works here but not with me. (7:40)

This the line I have in my script.
public AudioMixer masterMixer;

I took a screenshot of when I drag it across. I get the little + icon, I drop it in and it remains blank. I go to the little browser window which opens up with the little circle icon next to the reference space, shows up there, double click window closes, nothing else happens.

Is it a bug? It works with audio groups?

Any help, solutions or work around would be appreciated. Thanks

You’ve called your script AudioMixer.cs, which defines a custom class “AudioMixer” that is hiding Unity’s AudioMixer.

Simple solution - rename your script (and the first line of the class declaration to match), and avoid naming any future classes the same as an inbuilt class.