Cannot draw tree from blender to terrain in unity, Why?

I have created a low poly tree in blender and imported it to unity. When i select it in the Terrain draw tab and i go with the draw tool over the Terrain nothing happend. Please help.

This could be several issues.

Perhaps check the scale of the imported tree. It may be that it’s incredibly small and you have to make it bigger.

It may also be that the tree is flipped upside down and is being painted into the terrain instead of on it. Make sure to have the tree positioned on the axis and facing up in blender before you import it.

Lastly, how are you importing? Personally I have had no problems importing with a .blend, but ran into some issues with .fbx.

In blender latest 2021 version : select the tree in object mode. Then press “object” next to the “add” button. In object section find “Convert” and then press mesh in convert tab. Tree is a curve but unity does not support curves. Doing this you turn curve into mesh. After all select your tree and export it to unity.
I found this today(At 13 years old)(I don’t speak English every day, so maybe I’m writing with mistakes)