Cannot drop game view scaling below screen scaling setting for windows.

I just picked up a Surface Pro 6, which has a 13" screen with a resolution of 2736x1824.

In order to use this without being incredibly tiny fonts/buttons, I have to set the scaling at 150% scaling.

But when I have any scaling on, the Unity Game View sets its minimum scale to match.

I.e. 150% scaling means I can’t drop Unity’s Game view below 1.5x. 200% means I can’t drop below 2x scaling. My game view is getting cut off, and I can’t see the edges of my game.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Unity 2018.3.6f1

Windows 10 x64 - all updates

Graphics Drivers OEM Intel UHD Graphics 620

Click on where it says Free Aspect and either select an output resolution there or create a custom one. It’s usually a good idea to have that set to your target aspect ratio anyway.