Cannot edit decals metallic / smoothness?

I've enabled in the HDRP asset 'Metal and AO properties' support:

But material GUI still says I cannot edit them:

What am I missing? I'm using 2019.3.15f1 + HDRP 7.3.1

Hey, thanks for reporting this issue.

We have fixed it in this PR:

it is only displayed message, the feature will work as expected. Only the message is still display in UX whereas it shouldn't.

But there's no metallic / smoothness adjustment sliders available.

How do to tweak it then? Is it neccessary to create an "empty" mask map for those cases?

Hi, the sliders will appear if you select a Mask map texture.

Decal don't write properties if they are not used, and the decal shader interpred empty Mask map as not having AO/Metal/smoothness properties

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Alright, thank you.

As a FR: Perhaps Shader Feature toggle to enable them without specifying texture? Less memory wasted and no sampling ops.

it's not resolved in 7.6.0 for 2019 lts :eyes: how can it be, have set the mask with all the stuff in and no properties again...