Cannot enable light layers in HDRP

I followed the doc to enable light layers but there is no gear icon on my light component

I’m on 2021.3.14f1. How do I make light layers visible?


You need to use the 3 dots menu for the light component and click “Show All Additional Properties”. This will show the Core Render Pipeline window. Under Additional Properties → Visibility select “All Visible”.

You’ll then get an additional dropdown for Light layer.

In HDRP, the light layers feature is not available by default. To enable light layers, you need to first enable the “Light Layers” feature in the HDRP settings.

To do this, go to the “Edit” menu, select “Project Settings,” and then select the “Graphics” tab. In the “Lighting Settings” section, you should see a dropdown menu labeled “Light Layers.” Select this dropdown menu and choose “Enabled.”

Once you have enabled the “Light Layers” feature, you should see a gear icon appear in the Inspector window when you select a light object in your Scene. You can then use the gear icon to access the light layers settings for that light.