Cannot find Component > Cardboard > Update Stereo Cameras in Menu


I am very new to Unity so bear with me if this is a simple question.

Well anyway, I am trying to convert a game to make it to have a stereoscopic. I am learning from the following sample I’ve found from Codelab (link here).

So I am at step 4 which is to add Cardboard mode to the mainmenu scene. The thing is I am unable to find the Component > Cardboard menu even after I select the MainCamera from the Scene hierarchy.

So what am I doing wrong here? I’ve added the cardboard SDK to the project.

Thanks in advance!

I managed to find it finally.

Just in case anyone stuck like me, it is located not from the menu bar. Instead go to the property inspector, at the Camera component, click on the gear (settings), then the ‘Update Stereo Cameras’ is there!

Or another way is to simply quit Unity and load the project again.

For some reason, when you first import the Cardboard .unitypackage, the Component menu entry for “Update Stereo Cameras” doesn’t get created. If you Play the scene, or quit and restart Unity, the menu entry now shows up. This only seems to happen in Unity 5.