Cannot Find Create New Clip in Animation Window

I downloaded and imported the Skeleton Pack which can be found here.

The problem Im having is that I’m following the hack and slash tutorial series by burg zerg and im trying to create a jump and a walk animation to one of the skeleton models. But whenever i have that model selected and go into the Animation Window and try to find the Create New Clip button its not there. I have made sure the animations that the model has are set to legacy.

I had this same problem but I finally figured it out. You need to select a scene for the animation window to belong to. You can do this before or after creating the animation window is created but you won’t get the options you are looking for until you select a scene.

Once you click in that gray bar the [Create New Clip] button appears. This didn’t work?


(1) in the Project Panel to create an Animation clip, and name it [Wave_boy] if you are following the Packt book.
(2) With the newly created animation clip selected, click the [FarmerBoy] model in the Hierarchy panel and drag it to the Inspector panel.
(3) In the Animation panel, if you now click the “double-arrow” icon to view the animation list, you should be able to see the Wave_boy listed as one of the clips. Now you may click to select it.