Cannot find other classes without assembly definition


I’ve implemented some unit tests in my project because the logic is quite complicated so I need the tests to make sure I get it right. But after I try unit testing, it seems like all the classes in the folder where the logic that is being tested reside (aptly named /GameLogic/) can’t seem to find other classes outside of their folder. Except if I create another assembly def to the each folder that is being used by the classes in GameLogic folder and add them to the asm def references. This eventually made me create asm defs for all folders because I organized the files of my projects into folders based on contexts. And this now has become a tangled web of asm defs.

So, is this common & expected behaviour? Or is there any way to make this simpler so we don’t have to create an asm def for folders that we don’t need to test just to add them to the asm defs of the classes that I need to test?

Thank you.