Cannot highlight or click button, or any other elements in Canvas,

hey guys.

I have my Canvas (called GUI)

If I make a slider, a button or any other element in that Canvas I can’t interact with it. My canvas group has intractable on, as does the Text with button property I’m trying to select.

I’ve not written any code yet.

What could be causing my issue?

If you’re in the editor, try restarting unity / restarting your PC. I have this happen to me all the time: unity UI stops receiving mouse input in the editor.

Hey, not sure if you’ve come right yet but have you put an EventSystem in your scene? One is required for your UI to work if I remember correctly…anyways I hope you’ve come right by now ^^

Which version of Unity are you using? I know for having used it that 2017.2 has some issues with UI…

Other than that, make sure you don’t have other “invisible” objects blocking raycasts in front of your clickable objects. Texts, Images, anything that shouldn’t be clickable should have “Raycast target” set to false.

And finally, try making a new canvas (in a new scene/project maybe) and make those elements again. Do they work? If they do, then something might be wrong with your hierarchy.

Good luck!