Cannot implicitly convert type `int'

Hello, so today i have an issue
im trying to get my savemanager to save a garage that has been bought, i can now buy the garage but i cant save or load it when i click the play option i get one error

Assets/Scripts/SaveManager.cs(174,60): error CS0029: Cannot implicitly convert type int' to System.Collections.Generic.List’

the error then takes me to this line

GameManager.Instance.Characters[0].OwnedGarages = (int)o[14];

i use Lists for the garages like this
in gamemanager
public List OwnedGarages = new List ();

can someone correct this ??

in save method i have
SaveObjs.Add (GameManager.Instance.Characters [0].Cash);
SaveObjs.Add (GameManager.Instance.Characters [1].Cash);
SaveObjs.Add (GameManager.Instance.Characters [2].Cash);

and in the load method i have

GameManager.Instance.Characters[0].OwnedGarages = (int)o[14];
GameManager.Instance.Characters[1].OwnedGarages = (int)o [14];
GameManager.Instance.Characters[2].OwnedGarages = (int)o [15];

Error says you cannot convert an int to a list.

The question doesn’t specify what kind of list OwnedGarages is, or what “o” is. I’m going to assume it’s a list of ints, in that case, why not add it to the list?


There seems to be some confusion with lists here.
C# List Examples