Cannot initialise Kong API

Im trying to use the Kongregate API but I can't get it working. I have uploaded the unity3d package to Kong (and of course used another script to display the results from this script) but I cannot get it to work. It just says its not connected. Please help! (What I really want is a working out of the box example package. Then I can modify the example.) Also please make your scripts in JavaScript because I actually understand that. This is my code:

var isKongregate = false;
var userId = 0;
var username = "Guest";
var gameAuthToken = "";

function OnKongregateAPILoaded(userInfoString : String){
  // We now know we're on Kongregate
  isKongregate = true;

  // Split the user info up into tokens
  var params = userInfoString.Split("|"[0]);
  userId = parseInt(params[0]);
  username = params[1];
  gameAuthToken = params[2];


function Awake(){
        // Begin the API loading process if it is available
            "if(typeof(kongregateUnitySupport) != 'undefined'){" +
            " kongregateUnitySupport.initAPI('MyUnityObject', 'OnKongregateAPILoaded');" +


function OnGUI(){



You have used the same example as me?

I'm trying to resolve this too. Just follow my question and vote it up, you don't need to post the same question. I'm thinking about to start a bounty for my question.

I sent a email to Kongregate support too.

Good look!!


In this line:

kongregateUnitySupport.initAPI(‘MyUnityObject’, ‘OnKongregateAPILoaded’);

MyUnityObject is the name of object on UNITY, so you need to create a object called MyUnityObject and attach the script on it.