Cannot install APK on ARMv6 Android device

My device currently runs on ARMv6 or falls under that category.
I wanted to test the game I made and clicked the “build & run” settings.
Unfortunately, an error message appears saying that the device I used isn’t supported.

I decided to just build the apk file instead to run it on my mobile.

The problem is, the apk file can’t be installed on my phone. am I missing something here?

In case you are using Unity 4.3 then it supports ARM 7 devices ,your apk will not run in below that.

If you are using Unity 3.5 then go to player setting—>Other setting(in Inspector)—>Configuration → change device filter to ARM v6 and graphics level to OPEN GL ES 1

I’m currently using Unity 4.3. :frowning:

is there a way to convert the said apk so that it could run in ARM 6?