Cannot load "lib_burst_0_0" on Android builds

Hi everyone. I am trying to test my current project on Android. When running the .apk, I receive the following error immediately after the Unity splash screen:

D/Unity: Failed to load native plugin: Unable to lookup library path for 'lib_burst_0_0'.
E/Unity: Unable to find lib_burst_0_0
D/Unity: Failed to load native plugin: Unable to lookup library path for '_burst_0_0'.
E/Unity: Unable to find _burst_0_0
E/Unity: Baselib error: <stripped>: Out of memory (0x01000000) - Out of memory (errno:0x0000000c)
    UnityEngine.Logger:Log(LogType, Object)
    Unity.Entities._dlg_PlaybackChainChunk:EndInvoke(ArchetypeChanges&, ECBSharedPlaybackState&, IAsyncResult)
    Unity.Entities.EntityComponentStore:Create(EntityComponentStore*, UInt64, Int32)
    Unity.Entities.EntityDataAccess:Initialize(EntityDataAccess*, World)
    Unity.Entities.World:.ctor(String, WorldFlags)
    Unity.Entities.DefaultWorldInitialization:Initialize(String, Boolean)

  • I’m using Unity-2020-1.0f1 with Burst 1.4.0-preview.2 and Entity-Component-System 0.13.0-preview.24
  • I’m using the JDK, Android SDK, etc. included with Unity.
  • My scene does load, but no DOTS related code runs. So, I can see static meshes, but cannot move the camera, and entities do not spawn.
  • I am testing this using a virtual device in Android Studio. I did make sure other apk’s run correctly. When testing on a phone, I did not have access to the log, but the game screen looked the same as it does in the emulator (no DOTS code runs, etc).
  • The game does run correctly in editor and in a Windows standalone exe

I’m new to Android development, so sorry if this is a rookie mistake. I’m still pulling my hair out over it! Thank you for any help!

There is another solution.

I was unable to downgrade to Entities 0.11.1. I tried to do it through the package manager, but when I clicked the “Upgrade to 0.11.1” button (which is really a downgrade), the manager still said I have 0.13.0-preview.24. In contrast to the package manager GUI, my manifest.json file says it’s using “0.11.1”, which makes no sense at all. I think it won’t let me downgrade because I am using Hybrid Renderer V2, which depends on 0.13.0-preview.24.

The other solution is to disable Multithreaded Rendering in Player Settings. Everything runs fine with that disabled, however, frame rates may drop :frowning:


Since some people are reporting that disabling multithreaded rendering doesn’t fix it, I decided to run some more tests.

I created a URP project in 2020.1.1, then removed the sample assets and disabled the post processing volume. Then I updated URP to 9.0.0-preview.35 and added hybrid renderer 0.7.0-preview.24 and enabled v2. Then I restarted the editor. At this point I had a completely EMPTY project with nothing but the skybox, a directional light (sun) and the default main camera+controller..

When running with multithreaded rendering disabled everything runs fine and this is the resulting logcat showing no crashes: android mono net2x mtr-disabled emptyproject.txt - Google Drive

When running with multithreaded rendering enabled, it crashes after a couple of seconds and this is the resulting logcat: android mono net2x mtr-enabled emptyproject.txt - Google Drive

I also ran a dev build with full logging/stack traces with multithreaded rendering enabled: android mono net2x mtr-enabled emptyproject devbuild full-logging.txt - Google Drive

And lastly, here is the logcat of a run with il2cpp and multithreaded rendering disabled: android il2cpp net2x mtr-disabled emptyproject.txt - Google Drive

I tried various combinations of .Net 2x/4x and mono/il2cpp. They all crashed. il2cpp seemed to have a different crash - instead of waiting a couple of seconds first, it would crash immediately, and most importantly, it crashed even without MTR enabled.

The documentation for hybrid renderer v0.7.0-preview.24 says: “Hybrid Renderer V2 is considered experimental in Unity 2020.1. We have validated it on Windows DX11, DX12, Vulkan and Mac Metal backends in both Editor and Standalone builds. Mobile device and console platform support will be validated in 2020.2.”

They weren’t kidding. Hybrid renderer v2 with il2cpp does NOT WORK AT ALL. Hybrid renderer v2 with mono scripting backend and multithreaded rendering disabled might work.

One of the Unity tutorials says “You should enable Multithreaded Rendering whenever possible, as it usually benefits performance greatly”, so be aware that disabling MTR can cause poor performance. I suspect it will be years before hybrid renderer v2 is ready (if it doesn’t get abandoned in favor of a pure entity version beforehand).

I was able to solve this by downgrading to Entity-Component-System 0.11.1-preview.4


After posting this, I found that I could get a new project to run by removing the entities package. I then downgraded the entities package in my main project to 0.11.1. Then, the game ran correctly. I still saw the "Unable to find lib_burst_0_0" errors, but the "out of memory" error was gone.

I am getting very similar error messages. I have a very simple project - just one mesh, and one material running on a Motorola X4.

unable to find lib_burst_0_0 and _burst_0_0 
Vulkan - Out of memory!

The fbx mesh has:

  • 13,122 vertices
  • 26,214 faces
  • 26,214 Tris
  • 1 object.

Unity-2020-1.0f1 Editor

  • Burst 1.3.2
  • Collections 0.11.0-preview.17
  • Entities 0.13.0-preview.24
  • Hybrid Renderer 0.7.0-preview.24
  • Jobs 0.4.0-preview.18
  • Mathematics 1.1.0
  • Scriptable Build Pipeline 1.9.0
  • Shader Graph 9.0.0-preview.34
  • Universal RP 9.0.0-preview.35

Can confirm these findings - also had this problem w/ Oculus Quest.

Also had to drop down to Entity-Component-System 0.11.1-preview.4 to get ECS to run in-game. Other non-Android builds and in Unity ECS works fine.

Unsure of that actual Lib_Burst error though… lol.

I have the same issue and I cannot downgrade the Entities package because I use Hybrid Renderer V2. Disabling Multithreaded Rendering has not solved it for me. I have no clue how to fix this. Any updates?

Disabling Multithreaded Rendering has not solved it for me either… did you by any chance change something else too ?

I met the same issue just now. I think I find the solution.

The filename of my library is Then I rename it from to I remove the first three letters "lib". Then, the issue is solved.