Cannot merge android manifest, but project is empty

Having issues where the build is stopping with error: “Unable to merge android manifests”.

I’ve done a bucket of reading, and I know that this is caused by Unity finding discrepancies between multiple AndroidManifest.xml files. Problem is, after it didnt work the first time, I tried with an empty project, same problem. So only 1 manifest file, which is the one it creates in temp.

I tried making an override in the Assets/Plugins/Android folder, but no luck. It seems to ignore it, or something similar.

To reiterate…
Android Manifest merge issues.
No plugins
No manifest files.

Error Code:

C:\Users\Earthling\Documents\Introduction-To-HTC-Vive-Starter\Android Build Test\Temp\StagingArea\AndroidManifest-main.xml:4:125-150 Error:
	Attribute application@debuggable value=(true) from AndroidManifest-main.xml:4:125-150
	is also present at AndroidManifest.xml:3:148-174 value=(false).
	Suggestion: add 'tools:replace="android:debuggable"' to <application> element at AndroidManifest-main.xml:4:3-12:17 to override.
C:\Users\Earthling\Documents\Introduction-To-HTC-Vive-Starter\Android Build Test\Temp\StagingArea\AndroidManifest-main.xml:4:16-57 Error:
	Attribute application@theme value=(@style/UnityThemeSelector) from AndroidManifest-main.xml:4:16-57
	is also present at AndroidManifest.xml:3:83-147 value=(@android:style/Theme.Black.NoTitleBar.Fullscreen).
	Suggestion: add 'tools:replace="android:theme"' to <application> element at AndroidManifest-main.xml:4:3-12:17 to override.