Cannot move player after building the game.

I am very new to Unity3d (Coding in general really), so I decided to follow the “Space Shooter” project tutorial on the Learn site Here:

I followed the instructions to the T and everything was going fine. Up until the final assignment that is (The “Building The Game” one). The game runs fine inside of Unity, however when I build and run it I cannot move. The ship tilts in either direction when the left and right keys are pressed however. The rest of the game runs fine, asteroids still spawn randomly and move down the screen, and the game still ends and can be restarted by pressing “Return” as I programmed it.

I have tried build in both Web as the tutorial shows, and in windows x64_x86 standalone. Both react the same way. I have also tried Re-Importing all the assets to no avail. As I said I am very new to Unity so I’m hoping that there is miracle fix or something that I don’t know about :slight_smile: .

Thanks in advance, Holystriker68

It appears I have answered my own question here. After removing all imported assets (The ones that come with Unity) and rebuilding my project, everything works great!