Cannot post, seen as spam-like


I contacted the support 3 days ago (, Request #823342), still no answer, I'm not even sure it works or not seeing there is a "© 2017" on the page.
I just tried posting again, still no luck. I didn't write anything weird in that message, I simply wanted to reply my own thread.
That's a very annoying and defective plugin that's been installed on that forum... :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I found 2 threads with the similar problem, but no solution (or I didn't see it, and I'd apologize in that case).

Any help, please?

Try adding a link to a phishing site that sells keto-related products. Those usually gets through :smile:

yeah, no, the spam-filter is probably the worst I've seen in a forum in my life. It doesn't catch spam, and it seems to false positive a lot as well.


Haha! I get your joke, I read the moderators’ complaints on the forums, spams are a plague…

The crazy thing is that I can’t even see what words could be triggering the filters, I even tried posting half of it.
So for now, I’m waiting. Like a messy room that would clean up by itself. (I’m sure it happens in some universes, got to ask Rick!)

Thanks for the reply anyway :slight_smile: