Cannot print an array of char to the console. It prints system.char[] instead of the actual letters

So basically im doing a hangman game printing the results directly on the console. Ive got everything working, last step is printing my array variable m_WordToDisplay which contains all of the guessed letters with the underscores for the spaces not guessed yet.

Every time the user makes a correct guess, i want to debug.log or print m_WordToDisplay, but when i do so, what it reads on the console instead of the actual word (ie. w__d), instead it reads System.Char

I know my variable m_WordToDisplay has the word stored in it because when i step into the code i see the guessed letter and the underscores. so the problem seems to really be just when printing the actual result. Here is my code which is relevant:

	private char[] m_WordToDisplay;

My initialize method where i choose the word and then fill in the array with underscores:

	public void InitializeGame (Player player, int numberOfMistakesAllowed = 6){
		if (player == null){
			Debug.Log ("ma player is null");
		if (m_numberOfMistakesAllowed < 0){
			Debug.Log ("number of mistakes must be non negative");
		m_Player = player;


		m_numberOfMistakesAllowed = numberOfMistakesAllowed;
		Outcome = Outcome.InProgress;
		Word = ChooseWord ();
		m_WordToDisplay = new char [this.Word.Length];
		for (int i = 0; i < m_WordToDisplay.Length; i++){
			m_WordToDisplay *= ('_');*
  •  }*

My guess method to pass in the letter chosen by the user:

  • public void Guess (char letter){*

  •  if (Outcome != Outcome.InProgress)*
  •  	Debug.Log ("Game is not in progress");*
  •  if (m_GuessedAlready.Contains(letter)){*
  •  	print("You already guessed that letter, dummy");*
  •  	return;*
  •  }*
  •  m_GuessedAlready.Add(letter);*
  •  if (!Word.Contains(letter)){*
  •  	print("There is no" + letter);*
  •  	m_IncorrectGuesses += 1;*
  •  	if (m_IncorrectGuesses > m_numberOfMistakesAllowed){*
  •  		Outcome = Outcome.Loss;*
  •  		print ("You lost");	*
  •  	}*
  •  	else{*
  •  		print ("Number of guesses left: " + MistakesRemaining());*
  •  	}*
  •  }*
  •  else{*
  •  	FillInCorrectGuess(letter);*
  •  }*

and finally, here is my method where i fill in every letter in the word with the guessed letter when its a letter that is part of the word

  • private void FillInCorrectGuess (char letter){*
  •  for (int i = 0; i < Word.Length; i++){*

_ if (Word == letter)_
m_WordToDisplay = letter;

* }*
*So yeah, all i want to do ideally would be something like *
Debug.Log ("Good guess! " + m_WordToDisplay);
But doing so prints “Good guess! System.Char[]”
Thanks in advance anyone

new string(m_WordToDisplay)

i feel like such a noob.

I actually tried a couple of stuff like m_WordToDisplay.tostring etc but never got around to do that.

Thanks for the tip!!!