cannot rotate wheelcolliders in unity 5.3.1f1

i have a model of a car and whenever i create an empty game object with the car as parent and add a wheelcollider to that object the wheelcollider appears at a 90 degree angle to the the wheels of my car. when i try to rotate the wheel collider is stays the same. i can see the number for rotation changing but the collider in the scene stays exactly the same. if i rotate my car 90 degrees and then add the empty object with the wheelcollider it still appears at a 90 degree angle to my wheels and i still cant rotate it.
can someone help me with this problem?

The blue Z position top right is different to the blue z position of your wheels

same problem help us plz,same problem

There is no help. This object is totally screwed up in its implementation. I refuse to spend another 3 days on any of unity’s problems / new feature not fully tested. You search and all one sees are problems. Yeah sure there are a million posters for the simple things and the ‘oooh i know try this crowd’ of idiots. Any one can regurgitate the manual and with background music. It is simply pathetic.

You can just leave the wheels in the wrong direction in your project

Then add at the start of your script

wheelL.steerAngle = 90.0f;
wheelR.steerAngle = 90.0f;

When you start your project, wheels will be in the correct position