Cannot run the webgl in browser and questions about BoxCollider

Hello everyone, I encountered an error when I run the index.html in the browser(both Edge & Chrome) which was built in WebGL mode. But I ran successfully when I choose to Build and Run, which actually run in a node server. The error info from the browser is SCRIPT1014 Invalid character and `SCRIPT5009: createUnityFramework is not defined'. In addition, my unity version is 2020.1.0.a11.
Another question comes up when I test the mouse click event after Build and Run in the node server that the click event totally failed, and the console log was: AddComponent asking for BoxCollider which is not a Unity engine type.

I really hope you guys can help me with these two problems. Thanks!

Me too, I have encountered the same error "SCRIPT5009: createUnityFramework is not defined" on WebGL ,and Unity's version is 2020.1.0a9.

The second question may have been answered here:

SCRIPT1014: SCRIPT1014: Invalid character I also Face this error in unity 2020.1, When I run in Micresoft Edge