cannot run Unity (any version)...

Unity Personal Edition crashes, before the project window appears, first I thought it was because I was trying Unity Holoens HTP version, but the same happens with 5.4 and 5.3.5, all free editions?

They were opening, but after a 22min. long (no-choice) Win10Home update, Unity will now no longer open, I get the logo screen, then a white screen that looks like its going to be the prompt window but it disappears, and Unity crashes!

After this, I get the Unity Bug Reporter, I filled this out once, might try again; but was disappointed after a few emails from someone, they just were not reading my description properly, as they kept on asking things I had already stated!

What else is there to do, to find out why this is happening?

any help, anyone, thank you

If you have an anti-virus try disabling that and try redownloading it again, but other then that I have nothing.

Re-install Unity and before opening unity disable your internet

Is it the project you’re trying to open that’s giving you issues? I’ve had that happen in the past where Unity wouldn’t open because it had an issue with the current project it would default to opening. Opening a scene in a different project helped, but then I had to take everything in the problem project and just move it to a different folder in Documents, erase the temp files and it would open with no problem again.