cannot see game objects on maximise on play

Hi guys, I’m wondering why my game objects are disappearing when I press on maximize on play. they are fine when it is not on maximize on play. This is what it looks like when it is not in full screen

and when I am in fullscreen it is this.

I have looked at camera controls but I can’t see a reason for this

Its because the aspect ratio is being changed.

  • A bigger screen doesn’t mean you can see more.
  • The camera size is the diagonal unit (I believe so at least.)
  • This means if the screen becomes less rectangular and more square then you’ll lose coverage on the side. And the opposite with the height.

Since your blocks are on one side of the screen… they are no longer in the view when the screen is maximized.

To check this:

  • Start the game without the maximize.
  • Then make the game window taller and shorter and see if the blocks disappear.
  • If they do, then this is what’s happening.
  • Alternatively you can simply change the aspect ratio and see the results. I believe you have it in free aspect. If you select an aspect ratio or screen dimension then this will not be a problem.