Cannot see serialized object's fields in Inspector


I am using Serialized Objects in my script and Custom Editor for them. Sadly, I cannot access the SO’s fields when accessing the script via Inspector. It is only allowing me to pass the Serialized Object which is not ideal and as far as I’m concerned not even possible.

Can you help me?


My code:

public class Card : ScriptableObject
    public new string Name;
    [Multiline] public string Description;
    public bool ShowStats = false;

    public int Health;
    public int Damage;

    public Image Graphic;

public class CardEditor : Editor
    Card card;

    public void OnEnable()
         card = (Card)target;

    public override void OnInspectorGUI()
        card.Name = EditorGUILayout.TextField(card.Name, GUIStyle.none, null);
        card.Description = EditorGUILayout.TextArea(card.Description, GUIStyle.none, null);
        card.ShowStats = EditorGUILayout.Toggle(card.ShowStats, "Uses Stats");

            card.Health = EditorGUILayout.IntField(card.Health, GUIStyle.none, null);
            card.Damage = EditorGUILayout.IntField(card.Damage, GUIStyle.none, null);


public class CardsCollection : MonoBehaviour
    [SerializeField] private List<Card> allCards;

Thank you in advance!

OK, I know what is happening. It’s my misunderstanding of Scriptable Objects. I didn’t really thought about the Scriptable Objects as well… Objects… My bad. Closing the thread.