cannot sign into the unity hub or unity editor

Hello, I am currently having issues then signing into the unity hub. whenever I try to sign in and enter the information the hub asks for such as email and password it closes the sign-in window and does nothing.

when I click the account button again it says I am not signed in and I need to sign it and because of that I cannot access the assets I downloaded from the asset store or activate a license which basically makes unity unusable.

When I try to open a unity website such as answers.unity or fourm.unity sends mei grt sent to an error page but I can get around that using their VPN but the same cannot be applied to the unity hub or the unity editor.

Using a VPN in unity or editor trying to sign in does and I still cannot sign in.
i think all of that is because i live in Iran but I’m not sure.
I would appreciate any help to solve this issue.
thanks :slight_smile:


you might have to make a new acount

I think I heard that Unity is blocked from Iran. But if your’re using a VPN, I suggest contacting Unity Customer Support.