Cannot start game on IPAD - EXC_BAD_ACCESS

Dear All,

Need your kind assistance for the following issue:

I was unable to run the game on IOS device - IPAD 1 & 2, the application receive EXC_BAD_ACCESS on XCODE debug.

UNITY version 3.4.2f2
XCODE 4.2.1, IPhone SDK 5.0
IPAD IOS 5.0.1, tried also with 4.3.5

I have look for answer in the Forum and UNITY answer but haven’t found it so far.

Thank you in advanced.

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This is almost always due to a null reference exception. Check the scripts that load first when your primary scene opens. You are most likely trying to use a method or variable from a class before it has been instantiated.

Is it working fine in the simulator?


Many thanks for the great advise, I think its okay now.

I removed few game objects that has scripts attached to it to test and the game can run now.

I have never try the simulator since it was not recommended by UNITY.

Really appreciate your help … I’ve been working trying to solve this since last Friday without any luck …

Best regards,