cannot use Unity Standard Asset on UWP

Hello everyone.
Simply download and import Unity Standard Asset from the asset store.
Game can be build and play as .exe but when switch a platform to UWP it said that
I missing an assembly reference.

From my understanding,some API that work on .exe does not work on UWP.
So do I need to add extra code
or install anything else on my machine (it said that I missing some required component in VS but
I don’t know what exactly is that)?
Or this official asset is just not working on UWP.

On my machine

Solution to this problem is find an alternative FPScontroller and
replace in a project.

Unity UWP API problem usually caused by system package
(Using system.*) and it can be fixed by add extra code but not
for this question.

Not recommended way is to use Project centennial
which is a way to convert your exist .exe to .appx but it has some technical limitation.