Can't Access AppData Folder from Unity

I’m trying to export a build to the Android SDK. I can see that the root folder is here - C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk However, when I go into Unity to look for it, I can see every folder in the User folder other than the AppData one. I’ve tried pasting in the location, typing it in manually, looking through other folders, and no luck. I haven’t tried coding in a solution yet, because it seems like there should be a way to access it without having to do that.
*Update: I tried uninstalling and reinstalling both, Unity and Android Studio. Unity still can’t see the AppData folder, so I installed Android Studio elsewhere. I was able to see that file location, but when I tried to select it as the root folder, it just kept failing and asking for the root folder to be selected.
Can anyone help? I’m using C#.

AppData is a hidden folder by default. To view it, you’ll need to Launch the Windows Explorer. Click on ‘Organize’ → ‘Folder and Search Options’ → ‘View’. Check ‘Show hidden files and folders’.

However, it’s a better idea to install Android Studio at the root level of a drive - plenty of programs have problems accessing deep paths or folders containing spaces in their names etc.