Can't access '' (collaboration)

Is this a known issue? Or something like 'you must post 42 times before you can use this forum' kind of thing? Any way to get access without trying to come up with a bunch of filler posts...?

Error: You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action

Also, as a recommendation - if the above is the case, the error message when going to this forum should make the problem more clear for the user!

I'm new but it seems I can't see any links to it, mind if I ask what makes you think that foum area currently exists?
EDIT: As my post count is over a hundred, at least I think I can confirm that 42 or 100 posts won't get you access, or at least that it didn't get it for me

Doing a google search 'find team', you have results that link to
According to google, these threads are from this year. Also check out this query All the URLs seem to suggest they are in a 'Non Commercial Collaboration' forum (in this list, many are >1 year old, so maybe this used to exist...?)

Lastly, if you go to, you see 'you may not access' type of error. Go to a truly non-existent forum like, and the error is different, suggesting that forum #17 does exist.

I take that to mean that it did exist, not that it does. When a subforum is removed from other forums I have used the same thing happens - usually something to do with the content remaining accessible to mods and admins.

The commercial forums has been succeeded by Unity Connect - try it out!

Ah hah, thanks!