Can't access public static array from another class

Hi, I’m having a problem accessing the values in an array in another class. So far I have done this and not encountered any problems but in this instance I cannot get it to work.

Here is the relevant part of the first class:

public class Player : MonoBehaviour {

public static string[] playerTeam;

public void Start()
playerTeam = new string[32];
    for (int i = 0; i < playerTeam.Length; i++)
        int ir = System.Convert.ToInt32(System.Math.Floor((decimal)i / 2));
        playerTeam *= Team.teamName[ir];*

And the second class:
public class Team : MonoBehaviour {
public static string[] teamName;
public void Start () {
teamName = new string[16];
teamName[0] = “zero”;
teamName[1] = “one”;
teamName[2] = “two”;
teamName[3] = “three”;
teamName[4] = “four”;
teamName[5] = “five”;
teamName[6] = “six”;
teamName[7] = “seven”;
teamName[8] = “eight”;
teamName[9] = “nine”;
teamName[10] = “ten”;
teamName[11] = “eleven”;
teamName[12] = “twelve”;
teamName[13] = “thirteen”;
teamName[14] = “fourteen”;
teamName[15] = “fifteen”;
I want the stated int ir to be a number between 0 and 15, which works as intended. I then want to access the array teamName[] in the Team class, and get the appropriate team name from that array. For example, if i = 2, ir = 1, thus playerTeam[2] = Team.teamName[1].
When I try and use this, I get a null reference exception. However, there have been some cases where I have played around in Unity and managed to get it to work, but it does not work upon restart. I’m really confused and would appreciate any help.

You populate the teamName array in Start method. There’s no guarantee Team.Start() has run before Player.Start() so the array could well be null.

It might be possible to fix this using the script execution order settings but since the content of the teamName array really is static amd known before even starting the app, you can just declare and assign it statically so you can be sure it exists before any non-static method calls.

public static string[] teamName = new [] {