Cant access to Microgame eventhough have LTS version

Hi I am new here. Was trying to follow the Unity Essentials program but there is one part that after we install our Unity Hub & Editor then we click “New Project” and if we click search should have Microgame for us to choose. But I don’t see that option.

Unity Version: 2022.3.10f1
LTS: Available
Laptop: MacBook Air 13 M1 chip

Thanks in advance!

I might be wrong, but as I understand it, your microgames is the same as modules on windows. just go to installs and install the modules you wish to use. Such as 3D Core, which should be there, but apparently is not.

I had the same issue. The learning templates are not in the 2022 version. Download the 2021 LTS.

2022.3.10f1 does not support microgame templates.