Can't activate game object.

I cant find a way to activate my authentication error panel to display the error. print functions works fine, authError.text works fine. no errors shown in the console. authErrorPanel is assigned in the inspector.

switch (error)
            case "Firebase.FirebaseException: An email address must be provided.":
                print("no email");
                authError.text = "Enter Email Address";

if your text gets changed correctly, perhaps you are activating the wrong gameObject? If you set the auhErrorPanel active, the authError gameObject may still be inactive (I assume).

The SetActive method works fine for me, so just make sure you’re activating the right object and check if the rest of the code in that ‘case’ statement is getting called.

I got the correct game objects. there is something weird going on. I have noticed that the text is changed only in inspector, but not in the scene… if i type in something manually, the text changes, but not through script.

Here you can find why you can’t use SetActive(), in task that is not mainthread task.
Same happened to my project while switching from NET 3.5 equivalent to NET 4.0.
in the link you have both 2 solutions.
Hope it Helps.