Can't Add Texture On Terrain (Missing Button?)

Hey everyone! I am a beginner with Unity and I’ve been trying to add a texture over my terrain but it seems as the button to edit textures is missing or my version (2018.3.0f2 Personal MacOS) is different to other peoples.

When I go into Inspector > Terrain > “Paintbrush” > Paint Texture, the button “Edit Textures” does not appear as shown in all the tutorials I’ve seen. I have no idea what I need to do or if there is even another way to add a texture over my terrain. (See images)

Sorry if this is a silly question but I am a beginner with Unity.
Thanks everyone!


Hey everyone! I worked it out now.

  1. In the inspector, click on the paintbrush symbol.
  2. Click on the “Set Height” or other input bar that is located directly under the paintbrush and other symbols. (See image)
  3. Select “Paint Texture”
  4. Click “Edit Terrain Layers” > “Create Layer”
  5. A new layer should appear. Now to paint, click on the layer you want and then select a brush in the box below the box displaying the layers. Then start painting on the terrain in the scene view.

This has been plagueing me for so long. I still can’t find the button. ??? :frowning:

Same Problem.

This is waaaaayy too confusing. Why didn’t they turn a button into a whole new program. I do not like how this version of Unity is missing things old Unity engines have. I genuinly am trying to learn but all the tutorials are out dated! I’ll pull through…,Even this is confusing. Is there an alternative or is the button just misplaced? Just kidding.

SOLUTION: The answer is to make sure your on Paint Texture mode!!!

,The answer is to make sure your on Paint Texture mode!!!