Can't animate UI

I’m simply trying to get the buttons for the main menu to move from off screen to on screen when the animation is played. The buttons original positions are at the same location as the last frame of the animation. the first frame of the animation has them moved off screen. The animator is attached to a panel gameobject, then the 3 buttons are children of that panel. When I watch the animator, it is meeting the condition and hitting the animation state, but the little blue line at the bottom of the state that shows how far into the animation it’s got, stops right at the beginning and then it seems like it’s just stuck there.

My thoughts:

  1. Is it a problem to be moving the child objects with the animation even though they don’t have animators directly attached to them, only indirectly through the parent object.
  2. I’ve read that sometimes UI elements can act a little weird when being animated. Is this a problem with UI elements specifically?

Found the problem! I had set timescale to 0 for pausing the game. For an animation to play at timescale 0 you have to change the update mode to unscaled time. :slight_smile: