Can't assign camera by dragging it into GUI

Hi everyone. I’ve created two public Cameras, like this;

public Camera defaultView;
public Camera playerAction;

However, when I try to drag a camera from my Hierarchy view to the inspector, it does nothing, I don’t get a prompt, and it remains unchanged, like this


The camera I’m intending to drag is called _Camera, if it means anything. I’m currently using Unity 4

I guess you try to assign a scene object to a variable in a prefab which doesn’t work. Prefabs can only reference objects from the project but not form a scene since it’s not geven that the scene is loaded when you use the prefab.

After a lot of testing I discovered that I had a script named Camera that was conflicting with Unity’s own Camera behaviour. changing the name seems to have solved it. This didn’t show up in the console until I removed all of the scripts and added them back in