Can't assign texture to .obj imported from Blender

I’m working on a mac with blender 2.69 and exporting .obj to create mesh assets for my game.

Everything is working fine except for when i try to assign a material to the object.

I select the object on the hierarchy then change it’s material from the Mesh renderer component. The mesh changes material but it doesn’t display the texture of that material. Only the shader color.

I tested with several textures, default grass texture from unity and some of my own. I also used other file format: .fbx.

Everything works fine when i use cubes or spheres created directly in Unity.

My colleagues are working with 3ds max and no error occurs with the .obj and .fbx they export.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a blender related problem? How can i solve this?

I’m still learning the basics myself but I think that’s pretty much the way it works, otherwise the 2D Texture has no way to know to align to the 3D coordinates. There are some spiffy ways of doing things via code but that’s out of my league.

I’ll put this as an Answer.