Can't be serious - can't resume downloads in Asset Store?

I was just downloading a 1gb asset I bought on the asset store. Of course it gave up at 80%

Can anyone confirm, is it correct that the asset store does NOT have a ‘resume download’ function??

I appreciate if anyone knows.

Hopefully I’m just missing the button.

I mean … I know you’re sitting there, shaking your head, going … nahhh? The only thing they do on the asset store is … sell … large downloaded files. And there’s no resume function?

I guess with the whole Unity ecoverse … there just has to come a time when people say “fuck this”. How much bizarre nonsense like this can anyone stand?

There is no resume download button.

While I’m on the topic there are several other faults

  • You cannot close the editor during a download
  • If you are working on a slow connection that times out occasionally you basically cannot download any assets whatsoever

Good Luck getting Unity to change anything. For a computer software company they seem to demonstrate a relative lack of care for some aspects of their internet system.

I’ve got a 700MB music package two weeks ago, and I’ve failed so many times on downloading it.

It’s ridiculous, really.